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This is an interesting perspective even though its mostly opinion based it also rings of common sense.

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The Internet is simply a new medium of expression.

No. the Internet is a collossally new and EFFECTIVE medium of expression and Amway and AMO's are getting nervous. As they should. Because it will be the internet that will facilitate the grass roots movement that will put an end to AMO harm. Too many people have been harmed for this not to happen and the internet will be the vehicle.

As with all prospect concerns, here, too, the best approach is to listen carefully to what your prospects are saying, make sure you understand their specific objections, and then answer those objections as you would if they had obtained a less than complete and fair opinion of Amway through a relative, friend or newspaper story.

Upline distributors don't listen carefully to concerns and objections from prospects. They CAN'T. Their critical intelligence has been disabled by AMO mind control. They have canned responses to everything "negative" and are programmed not to listen at all, much less carefully.

To support you, ABN Amway Business Network has a section that provides information on many commonly asked questions about the Amway opportunity. The Amway websites also provide information about the Amway business and Amway distributors. And as always, you can contact your upline or Amway Corporation regarding specific questions or concerns.

Yes, get your information from Amway and your Amway recruiter or upline sponsor. They'll give you information on all sides of the issue. And snakes have hips.

Ultimately, however, no matter how much information you provide, there will always be some people who can never be convinced of the benefits of owning their own business. As often we hear in the business, "Some will, some won't, so what."

What an arrogant, self-serving statement. There are countless thousands who are convinced of the benefits of owning their own business and are DOING it but NOT through Amway. AMO distributors perform some specious acts of number crunching in their presentations to create the impression all other home-based businesses fail. Amway is implying that Amway is the ONLY way one can "own their own business" - part of the "Amway and the Wrong Way" mindset nurtured and rampant in AMO's.

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