Thursday, May 21, 2009

Amway Mail, Page 41

This seems to be a common story among ex Amway people. 

Quoted from

Amway Mail, Page 41

I lost a lot of friends, we were also told that if people had a negative reaction to the Oppotunity or were not interested, then they were not worth associating ourselves with. Since quitting (yes, I will say the word QUIT), I am now driving my own Mercedes (hard earnt and not a company perk) and living in a large house on a prestigous estate and I have never looked back. My ex-sponsors have since quit, are very successful consultants and we are starting to talk again. My husband will not hear the word Amway mentioned in front of him. My Father In Law has since quit and now he and my Mother In Law are getting on again. The Amway practices have a lot to answer for. I have also since been approached twice, the first time, the guy kept bugging me and would not leave me alone for months, I considered reporting him as a stalker (no joke!), eventually, I put my husband on the line and he hasn't called since. I didn't even know they guy! The more recent approach is from a friend. I haven't told him to not go for it, he knows I have been involved before and asked about my experience, and that is all I stressed to him...that it was my experience. So he has struck me off his list. I'm still young, I have a long way to way. Thanks for listening, this is probably the first time in 7 years I have been able to get this off my chest.

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