Sunday, May 17, 2009

Amway Quixtar Business Myths - Links

There are lots of links here.  This appears to be from a person in favor of MLM.

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Amway Quixtar Business Myths - Links

Links - Discussion groups

MLM Survivors Club at - A discussion board for ex-MLM'er
Quixtar or Tools Blog Discussion Board

On the Road with Dave blog
Joe Cool's Blog
Rocket's Rants Blog
Quixtar Deamons Blog
Quixtar inside and out Blog
Quixtar Amway infiltrator
State Attorney General Websites
Pyramid Scheme
Amway the Untold Story Mirror site - The first Internet site about the Real Amway by Sidney Schwartz.
Merchants of Deception
MLM Observer (German)
The Nightmare-builders
The Other Side of the plan Mirror Site - A great site covering numerous sides of the Amway experience.
Welcome to Amway: The Continuing Story
What is Good? How do I know if a particular MLM is pyramidal? By Dr. John M Taylor - A site for the book "False Prophets", detailing "The 10 Big Lies of MLM".
Myth and the Amway Experience
The God of the Bible versus the god of multi-level marketing - Reviews the conflicts of MLM and the Church.
The Perils of Amway
What's wrong with MLM
WWDB: The Things They Will Say. . .
Religious Movements - Amway as a Para-Religion
Amway UK Rip-Off
The Amway Files
Watchtower BORG Spectator, a site about the Britt organization.
The truth about Amway and E-commerce
The MLM Law Website
Rick Cult intervention consultant and expert
Used Amway Tapes for Sale - Site specializing in a secondary market for used Amway AMO materials.
A great page about MLM's
My three years in Amway The Amway/Quixtar memory hole
The Amway Dreamers page
Amway a personal perspective



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