Thursday, May 21, 2009

Amway: The Untold Story: Your Comments 6

Im not the only one who thinks of Amway recruiters are like car salesmen.  I have met a couple people who sold cars that was decent.  However, I have met a lot of them that are as slimey and deal wheeling as they come.  Its for that reason alone that I buy my cars through Costco.

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Amway: The Untold Story: Your Comments 6

I attended the meeting and of course I was asked to sit in the front of the room. The guy doing the speaking was an ex-car salesman which made me feel a bit uneasy right there. The bulk of the meeting was spent dredging up the newbies' so-called "lost dreams". It was nauseating. This meeting gave a new meaning to the Golden Calf. I deliberatly did not make eye-contact with this slippery eel because I would have told him exactly what I thought of the whole thing. But, I didn't want to make a scene. One poor fellow was asked: "What would you like to have that you don't have now?". The guy responded by saying "I really don't need anything that I can think of." For this, he was all but hissed down and the speaker said "Sombody check his pulse to see if he's alive!" Laughter ensued, of course. It was shameful. I almost felt dirty just being there.

All of this went on for about 40 minutes. Not until *the last 20 minutes* did the speaker reveal that it was Amway. Red flag #2. Why didn't he just come right out and say it from the get-go? I know why. They pump you up, make you feel like a loser trodden down by "corporate America". And that, although your *dreams* may have died on the vine, there is hope, the Church Universal of Amway International!. But only to a priveldged few mind you. Yep, lucky me!

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