Sunday, May 17, 2009

AUS: Dealing With Cult Victims

The more I casually search the more I am amazed at how much this stuff is repeated.  Where is the good stuff on amway?  Is there ANYTHING at all out there that is positive.  I have considered giving up my search for anything that isn't negative but the more I read the more I am intrigued at how unpopular this business is.


Quoted from

AUS: Dealing With Cult Victims

Amway: The Untold Story

Dealing With Cult Victims

"We have a relative, who following a divorce, and therefore during a vulnerable time in her life, was recruited by a friend and is now involved in this scam. We are VERY concerned as she will be retiring from the workforce soon and Amway seems to be draining her financially. Your item on cultism is very applicable, as the male individual who recruited her seems to have become the male substitution for her ex- husband.... sincere, caring, believable, etc, etc.

Any assistance would be appreciated."

"One of my best friends and my cousin have recently found "new religion" (how I see it). My best friend has only amway and only talks amway. It has become his life and his financial savior. It has strained my relationship with him and his wife. He and I have been friends since high school and we were inseperable. Her and I have been friends since college we were roomates for 2 years and I introduced the two. It has strained his realtionship with our other friend and they are childhood friends and neighbors. You become part of the amway family because "know one else understands the kind of commitment that you have made" or something to that effect. On a personal level, if it's not obvious, I am angry. I feel like I have lost my best friend to a cult."

"My only real regret for that experience is the outcome of my former friendship with my sponsors. These were two people I cared for very much and truely wanted to see all the best for. But, as they are taught, "If your friends don't want to be in Amway, get new friends." Two people who I had felt very close to, and considered life long friends, appearently decided I was not worthy of their friendship. A real shame."

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