Monday, June 8, 2009

Amway Speaks: Memorable Quotes

Follow the link... there are a ton more quotes from the leaders of Amway with their foot in their mouths.

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Amway Speaks: Memorable Quotes

Amway Speaks: Memorable Quotes

"Of course, there is a danger here. Along the way we may envision scenarios that are unrealistic. I would love to sing like Pavarotti or pass like Joe Montana or shoot like magic Johnson, or write like Toni Morrison. It is real important to get regular reality checks from those we love and trust. On occasion unrealistic dreams become obsessive and need a counselor's help"
--Rich DeVos Co-founder of Amway page 23 Compassionate Capitalism

"We’re just pleased to move on," Amway’s Meurlin said. "Stacy Hanrahan and the other plaintiffs had a very abnormal experience with the company."
--Craig "Pinocchio" Meurlin, senior vice president of Amway, commenting on the Hanrahan lawsuit which charged that distributors were being lied to about distributor incomes and being coerced by their uplines into buying motivational tools.

"So I am talking about $100,000 that you can make in your spare time without giving up what you do during the day."
--Amway distributor caught lying at recruitment meeting by hidden camera, American Journal, 2/14/94

"We have a major lawsuit going on right now with an attorney general in one of the states based on people making what they say are excess claims and telling people they hardly have to work at all, telling them you can make $50,000.00 a year and you only have to work twelve hours a week. Now, you and I both know, you know, that--that just can't be put up with."
--Rich Devos, co-founder of Amway, from a "Directly Speaking" tape, 1983

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