Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Part 1: Amway Is Your Friend

I think I have posted from this site before.  Regardless, its worth noting again if I have.  Some people are easily hooked by the "car salesman" like slipperiness of a firm handshake and warm smile.  Its not an art to be able to trick someone into seeing your product, its a level of slumminess (is that a word?) that a person must sink to in order to hook your fish.  The promise of a shortcut to riches opens up some very interesting character traits and reveals many for the true person they are.

Quoted from http://www.apollowebworks.com/amway/amstory1.html:

Part 1: Amway Is Your Friend

Part 1: Amway is your friend.

I was in a computer store one day browsing for games. Standing next to me was a middle-aged gentleman in a business suit whom I'll call "Ted." Ted was enthusiastically sifting through lots of games, looking excitedly at the pictures on the backs of the boxes. He made a comment out loud, which I decided to pick up on. "Isn't it amazing what they're doing these days?" he said with a big grin. I replied by commenting on the game industry -- where I think they're headed, what's right and wrong with today's games -- and immediately he acted fascinated by what I said. He wanted to hear more of my opinions, so I innocently told him that I was a computer science student in my fourth year of college, working part-time as a scientific programmer, planning to get involved with the game industry soon, then eventually to build a company so I could write my own games. He said I sounded like a bright young man and he wanted to do whatever he could to help advance my career.

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