Monday, June 8, 2009

Quixtar's Director of Misinformation announces 2005 Business Results

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Quixtar's Director of Misinformation announces 2005 Business Results

"Sales were $1.058 billion -- the third consecutive year over a billion dollars.  Also, IBO efforts resulted in a record $76 million in revenues for Quixtar's Partner Stores. For their marketing and business-building efforts, IBOs earned $345 million in bonuses and other incentives.   woohoo!.  It was a great year!", noted Baghdad Bob.

Critics were quick to make a critical analysis of Quixtar's performance.  A closer look at the results showed that Quixtar sales actually fell 3.8% over 2004, despite having price increases in the product line and despite recruiting over 150,000 new distributors.   Pay outs to distributors dropped 7.5% from $373 to $345 million.  Commissions as a percentage of sales fell from 31.9% to 30.4% of sales.  Partner store sales were at $76 million or only 8.5% from the year 2000 results of $70 or just a 1.7% annual growth rate.  Taking into account inflation, real partner store sales are probably lower than those of 2000.

Despite the disappointing results, Baghdad Bob's famous bubbling optimism shows through with his final statement,  "Personally, I think the best is yet to come.  It's hard not to when there's so much cool stuff going on here at Quixtar.  New programs.  New products.  New ideas.  It's never been better."

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