Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Rip-off Report: AMWAY OR SCAMWAY

Its pretty darn obvious what the majority of the people think about this company. Why is it that people still sign up for it? Is it because they are so desperate for a job they will resort to anything with the slight promise of success? Or is it because they buy into the story that they can retire in 2-5 years?

Even the worst businesses dont get this much negative attention.  That speaks volumes to its legitamacy.



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Rip-off Report: AMWAY OR SCAMWAY

I'm sorry, did you say that this was a BUSINESS????

It is a SCAM. I don't care WHAT you call it. I was approached by a FORMER friend about Quixstar. I went to the meeting and the 'IBO' made his pitch. One of the things that the said repeatedly was that 'it was not Amway.' What a lie!!!! It was started by Amway and is basically the same thing as Amway. And I got that information from the official website.

As a licensed private investigator in two states, I can be called an 'independent business owner.' Amway folks are not business owners. Oh, btw, most states lump MLMs and Pyramid schemes together. The only difference is that MLMs can be legit at times.

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