Friday, May 29, 2009


A letter found with a random search.  Its amazing how far people will sacrifice themselves for the promise of money and riches.

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Dear Ashley,

I applaud your taking the time to write down your Amway story. I wish more "Amway Losers" would take time to do so. My best friend and her husband are being lured into Amway and are at "leadership" in California as I write (while I have 2 of their 3 kids, so much for spending time with your family on a holiday weekend). You have opened my eyes to the beast and I cannot believe the incredible negligence of a company and it's total disregaurd for self pride and the family unit. You have made me aware of Amway's cultic persuation and I have in return been able to defend myself as I approached my friend regarding my concerns in their involvement with such a scam. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I would send 200 "thank-yous" but I'm not a freak! Your information has been invaluable! J Mitchell

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