Friday, May 29, 2009

Amway Hate Mail

Amway, Scientology, Cultism.... it appears those terms share a common theme.  I found a site where a reporter went undercover and joined Amway/Quixtar and interviewed a "millionaire" just to find out he was lying through his teeth... I will post it when I run across it again.

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Amway Hate Mail

I used to ignore the hate mail I received from Amway cultists, but I've decided as of May 2001 to publish selected entries as they come in. These notes are very similar to the angry mail I get from Scientologists. The common themes are:
  • Anyone who criticizes Amway/Scientology is evil, or at best seriously misinformed.
  • The "Amway system" (or Scientology "spiritual technology") always works when applied correctly. Anyone who fails to achieve the miraculous results they were promised has only themselves to blame; they clearly didn't try hard enough.
  • If I don't want to do Amway (or Scientology), that's my choice. But why am I trying to "ruin things" for other people? (Amway cultists say "steal their dreams"; Scientology cultists say "prevent others from getting better".)
  • People like me who criticize Amway/Scientology are pathetic failures who have no life, no money, and no future. In Scientology they're SPs (Suppressive Persons); in Amway they're "broke losers".

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