Monday, May 18, 2009

Amway for Dummies


There is too much negativity to take this "opportunity" seriously.  It is apparent that Amway has gone through many changes over the years and have left many scars on many people.   There are several sites out there that are positive and appear to have an Amway feel to them so its uncertain who is really the author of those sites.  However, it can not possibly stand against the preponderance of bad experiences that so many seemed to have had.   All sites that I have visited were independent of each other and didn't appear to be from one person with a vendetta or an agenda. 

I am sure that some people have made money with the Amway program, but at what cost?  Anyone who is serious about Amway really needs to look at all the facts independently of Amway promotional material.  I have not looked at those numbers as my interest was lost doing this search and my need (or greed) isn't great enough to warrant further investigation. 


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