Monday, May 18, 2009

Miscellaneous Arguments and Answers about Amway

This site appears to be from someone who is objective and gets past the hype and right to the point.  Its worth reading through all the points listed if for no other reason than its entertainment value.  Regardless of which side of the fence a person is on, his responses often got a little chuckle.

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Miscellaneous Arguments and Answers about Amway

Miscellaneous Arguments and Answers about Amway

Over the past years I've received a lot of attention and mail from distributors who were very eager to argue with me. During that time I've gradually come to recognize that a lot of these arguments get repeated over and over again because they're really just continuous paraphrases of things that are said on the tapes. I've grown very accustomed to the standard ammunition that distributors have at their disposal, and so I finally decided to make something like a FAQ in which I answer some of these arguments.

THE FORMAT: I usually have a specific point in mind when I begin writing. I will do my best to search my letters for one or several typical instances of the argument I want to answer; then I will summarize an Amway distributor's expected position and respond to it. If I can't find any reasonable specific quotes from distributors, I'll attempt to recite a reasonable paraphrase. I have tried to be fair and objective in stating all arguments exactly the way a real Amway proponent would say them. If you think I've stated anything in an incorrect or unfair way, please do write to me and correct it. I don't want to be setting up any "straw men" or phony positions.

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