Friday, May 15, 2009

Amway Links

It appears that I am not alone in my search for positive Amway sites

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Amway Links

Your web page here
I want to see more pro-Amway sites crop up so people can do an honest comparison. In the past I've seen a number of Amway fan sites come and go, most of them smarmy, hostile, and refusing to display any letters expressing opposing viewpoints, as this site does. Recently, though, there has been a shortage of favorable Amway sites of any kind. This is partly due to a restriction, recently lifted, that Amway had on self-promotion by internet. Now that this is no longer an issue, by all means try to prove me wrong if you want. If you've seen any other good places for me to link here, please pass them along and I'll add them when I get around to it.

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