Friday, May 15, 2009

Amway Quixtar Insider Documents Massive Consumer Fraud

This seems to be more credible than other sources as this is a person who achieved Emerald status with Amway.  There is an option to download his book which I will do and comment on when I have more time.... still looking for positive sites that are independent and not advertising for Amway.

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Amway Quixtar Insider Documents Massive Consumer Fraud

I am not a person who “tried” Amway and failed but rather someone who built the business with great passion and enthusiasm to the coveted Founder’s Emerald level. After nearly a decade of recruiting many good, honorable people into “the business”, including my own father, I made disturbing discoveries.

After a decade of investing in this, I was the last one on earth who wanted to discover and then document nearly a 99% loss rate for consumers induced to “invest in their own Amway business”.

I was a loyal, trusting IBO for almost a decade, building an international
Amway / Quixtar business. Following protocol, I relayed these facts directly to Amway / Quixtar corporation senior management and the shocking events that followed revelations of IBO deception are chronicled in detail in the free book Merchants of Deception.

Why have Dateline NBC, Business Week, Forbes, ITV (Europe) and others interviewed me regarding Merchants of Deception? That answer and many more are in the book itself.

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